About Contextcraft #contextcraft Play with Reality

#contextcraft Play with Reality About Contextcraft

We discovered a beautiful game.

A game that can be played by everyone with everyone.

And we want to share it with you.


The game changes depending on the players, and where, when and how you play it.

There are no points to win, victory comes from each new discovery.

As you grow yourself, you grow the game and create endless possibilities.



Get inspired and inspire

How players play the game

(Check with your hashtag on your gamecard)  


How it works


See how to make playable beeswax. How to make your cardset. And how to add cool artifacts to your game.

Contextcraft is an open source game. That means everyone can produce it and even sell it.


Swipe through the cards


Who is behind the beeswax?

How do you like her game?


Advanced Play: Remix your reality


Swipe through the cards and see examples



Support Contextcraft

A monthly subscription help the game to keep developing. Give what you can give.

There is so much more in the game. And we want to share it with you.


A platform to share the crafts is in the making. 

And tutorial videos are on the way as a thank you for monthly subsribers. 

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