About Contextcraft #contextcraft Play with Reality

#contextcraft Play with Reality About Contextcraft

Each game of Context Craft is different.

The game changes depending on the players, and where, when and how it’s played.

It creates infinite chances to play your reality.

There are no points to win, victory comes from each new discovery as you grow yourself, grow the game and create endless possibilities.




Collect Artifacts and make your game

This game works with different artifacts.

Every artifact opens new level of play in life. And most of them are not hard to find.

Your main mission to really enjoy the game is to find and get the magical artifact: Beeswax!

See how to make playable beeswax. How to make your cardset. And how to add cool artifacts to your game. 

Contextcraft is an open source game. That means everyone can produce it and even sell it. 


How it works

Cardgame + Beeswax = Infinity

Swipe through the cards


Gamemodes: Some cool ways to play


Swipe through the cards



Pick a Card and craft whatever you feel like


Swipe through the cards



Get Inspired


Swipe through the cards



Integrate and play with what you have

Swipe through the cards and see examples



Play online and connect through distance 

Swipe through the cards and see how it works. 



Play in your local context

Swipe through the cards and see how it works.



Who is behind the beeswax?

How do you like her game?


Advanced Play: Remix your reality


Swipe through the cards and see examples



Support Contextcraft

A monthly subscription help the game to keep developing. Give what you can give.

There is so much more in the game. And we want to share it with you.


A platform to share the crafts is in the making. 

And tutorial videos are on the way as a thank you for monthly subsribers. 


Help Translating the cards

We discovered a very simple method how the cards can be translated, so that the game can be played in many different languages all around the world. 

Just click on the templates below and share them on canva “with a link to edit” with contextcraft. 


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