Contextcraft is an open-source Game, where you bring things into reality and win with every discovery. Bring some magic to your life.  

ImaginAction #ImaginAction How contextcraft helps to bring your ideas to life. Often with very simple methods. And known artifacts. Sculptures, Boats, windmills, Plastic bottle Ties, Domes, ,... Artefact Recipes Artefact Recipes Collect artefacts that you can use for play. Artefact recipes show you how to make them.

Like Beenius Infinity Wax. The magical artefact.
Beenius Infnity Wax, Prototape, Portable Smartboard, Craftcards,...
About Contextcraft Play with Reality ContextCraft is a game where players discover new possibilities and share them with each other to change their reality.

From Beeswax to Dome!
#beeniusgarden #BeeniusGarden Get inspired by what others have discovered with Beenius Infinity Wax.

Inspire and share with #beenius
Toys, Sculpture, Structures, Home Upgrades, Tricks for everyday life,...
Gamemodes Gamemodes Different ways to play. For single player or multiplayer. At home or on the go. Familiy evenings, Friends celebration, Self-Discovery Adventure Circus of Seeds Circus of Seeds Evolving space.
Support and help the game (give what you can). Connect. Inspire and get inspired.

You find us here.
Updates, Community, Contextcraft Game Platform, Extras, Live Sessions
Garden of possibilities Garden of possibilities Different possibilities that players have discovered through play. From individual learning benefits to a superwin for the enviroment. DISCOVERED a new benefit of the game? Share with #CCGOP Feed Game Feed the Game And its first explorers. If you like what you see, leave something in the coffee pot. See the icon down right? That is the place. Your support helps the game evolving.
Thank you, Danke, Choukran, Merci, Gracias, Spasiba, Asante Sana,...

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