About Contextcraft Magic and matter live side by side,
making magic is a matter of mind!

About Contextcraft Magic and matter live side by side,
making magic is a matter of mind!

Context Craft –
a game where infinite possibilities become reality


Context Craft invites every human being to discover the limitless potential of what can be created together.

It just starts with beeswax and sticks. Yet it contains enough to make you think, get creative and start to reshape the world around you.

Play alone, together, in teams, in competition, just for fun, or with the goal to create something specific.

Our Vision


We want to enable humans worldwide to experience how each of us can change the world we are living in.

To provide people with tools and inspiration to discover alternative possibilities through play.

We combine low and high tech tools, and old and new methods in an accessible way, so people can participate regardless of skill level.

Our Mission


We are building an online and offline game that encourages players to create beautiful structures that meet local needs, using easily available materials and their own skills.

It should be made possible for everyone to share their ideas and results with the world online in a simple and accessible way.



Context Craft can bridge different groups in age, culture, language, and educational background.

Playing Context Craft is very satisfying, since players can create something tangible with their hands.

Context Craft is played using locally available materials (including waste).

Context Craft can be used just for fun or for educational and social healing purposes.

Open Source (anyone with beeswax and sticks/paper/waste can play).

Very low material costs = affordable for everyone.

Easy to combine with high tech equipment (i.e. “smartphone shadowplay”).

Areas of Potential


Kindergarten / School / Online schooling / Home schooling

Elderly homes

Family and friends game evenings

Contests for creative minds

Refugee camps / refugee saving boats (sometimes it takes weeks before the ships find a harbour to go on land)


Any kind of workshops

People in quarantine (connecting through online gaming)

Architecture, Design, Filmmaking

From remote and rural areas to the epicenters of the modern world, Context Craft connects people all over the world by sharing their creations online

Communication and connection through play and creation despite language barriers

…and many more…

Play Path Example: “Yurti”


From imagination, to prototype, to life-size creation:

We developed multi-functional, globally reproducible and highly adaptable yurts for a wide range of applications.

Simple enough that anyone can build it, beautiful enough for many to desire.

Used tools

a model in small 


date palm branches


Reuse Ties 




Pieces of cloth

The wide range of uses for Yurti


Adaptable for different regions (willow coppice, bamboo, palms, pvc pipes)

Built from locally available materials (including waste)

Works as mobile shelter for humans/animals, shade, scaffold for vines, luxury tent, refugee shelters, meditation space, sanctuary, kids play house, community space, private space…

Open source (anyone can copy and build their own with little skill and costs)

Simple smart, yet beautiful structure, which anyone can build

Low material costs = affordable

Easy to combine with high tech equipment (i.e. “smartphone shadowplay”, different Yurtis world wide, all connected via video calls or VR)

The initial explorers of ContextCraft

Jay Cousins

Jay Cousins

Inventor and creator of the Context Craft game and Prototape.

Jay has numerous experiences ranging from managing his own international business, to establishing community spaces in multiple countries.

Denny Ehrlich

Denny Ehrlich

Entrepreneur and co-founder of the Alchemist Hub, a Social Innovation Hub. Experience in Social businesses and NGOs in multiple countries.

Highly involved in the Context Craft game, exploring many different ways to play.

Clara Lala Espe

Clara Lala Espe

Artist, event art director and interior designer, founder of Lalalution (lalalution.com) with a passion for ethical design and a fascination for round rooms,

Mother of a 3 year old daughter.

Mahmoud Fawzy

Mahmoud Fawzy

Initiated several community spaces, long experience with different projects and in different organizations.

Co-founder of the Alchemist Hub, the first place that has built an entire coworking space using ContextCraft.

Christoph Behrends

Christoph Behrends

Initiator of the Global Goals Jam in Hamburg and currently testing Context Craft as an interactive, mobile and reusable workshop tool.

Carl H. Smith

Carl H. Smith

Carl Smith ​is director of the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) and senior lecturer at Ravensbourne in London. He specialises in using hybrid reality methodologies and visualization techniques to engineer contexts.

Mina M Mikhail

Mina M Mikhail

Mina Mikhail is an ambitious explorer with a great passion for learning and self development. Mina has started his career in the field of Marketing and Sales and has taken steps into his career year after year to connect with his true passion of helping people and is now working as life coach. 

Currently wrapping his head around ContextDomes: A new experience for people to connect with themselves and others. 

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