Game Modes 

Beenius Tricks #beeniusTricks Take some Beenius Infinity wax and discover many different ways to use beeswax. Come together and share your discoveries. Funny: Celebrate every win and discovery by shouting: Beenius!
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30 minutes
Beenius Round #beeAround Have Beenius Beeswax and other artifacts prepared. One player makes a start. Add one element to the structure and pass it to the next player. Try to integrate all artifacts that have been prepared. Let it go wild. See what you found. 30 minutes beefree #beefree Roll some beenius wax balls and add some artifacts. Now start exploring. Very good mode for first timers 30 minutes Beenius Toys #Beeniustoys Think of something to play with and bring your ideas into life. Play with: Try to combine your toys with many things around. Example: Made a plane? Let it fly through your home. 30 minutes Beevolution Beevolution Craft something. Once you are done. How far can your creativity bring you? Pick craftcards with the cardshuffler for every round. 30 minutes Handicap #BeeHandicaped Increase the challenge level.
Craft without looking (Blindplay),
on one leg,
with just one Hand,
You choose your handicap.
Pick craftcards with the cardshuffler for every round. 30 minutes
Bee Together #BeeTogether Decide together what you want to create. And go on a crafting journey together. Integrate everything.
Your favourite home, a family of birds, funny vehicles,... 30 minutes
Bee Fast #BeeFast Decide on a time and start crafting.
What can you create in
5 minutes
10 minutes
15 minutes?

Set a time and start crafting.
The card shuffler might help with Ideas. 5 - 15 minutes.
Bee the Same #BeeTheSame 1) One player picks a theme for everyone to craft.
Example: Your favourite animals, cool chair, a scene from a movie, etc.

2) One players picks a craftcard. And you all go on that mission together.
The card shuffler is very useful here. 5 - 15 minutes.
Bee the Same #Craftsomething Pick a craftcard. And let your imagination flow. Click to see the craftcards. Integrate the craftcards in different gamemodes. The card shuffler is very useful here. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Cardshuffler + Craftcards

moving flying shuffler stable big decorative famous for animals #craftsomething for excercise for future for home forsomeone for your head book movie from the past hanging high lively suspended tiny withnature yourself someone something