Beenius Infinity Wax

Magic wax you can shape, stick and create with. Craft structures, sculptures, toys, upgrade your home or use the wax as all-in-one helper.



Materials Sourcing

We’re lucky, our beeswax in Dahab is already easy to sculpt and handle.

For those less privileged you might want to start here:

Depending on where you are and the material sourced, you may find your beeswax or modelling wax is not easy to mould or sculpt. Follow the instructions below to get your wax how you want it.

If the beeswax that you got is too hard to form and to play with, put some pieces in a plastic bag and mix it with some olive oil. Add a few drops to begin with.

Now fill a pot with water and let it heat. After a while the beeswax starts to melt and become liquid. This usually happens at around 60 degrees Celcius.

Now you can stir a bit. Maybe with a wooden stick. Take golden sea in a bag out of the water and let it cool down. You can put it into another pot that is filled cold water for example. Let cool down until it is not getting any harder. Now test if you can see a difference.

If it is too hard, try the whole thing again and add more oil.

If it becomes too soft, add more beeswax instead of oil and try again. At some point you will feel, that it is good enough.


Beeswax is really really amazing.

It connects so well. And you can always reuse it. And use it for something else.

For Example.
You made a structure of a star. Later you need the beeswax for something else. To repair something. Or to pin something to the wall. Or you have an idea for making a chair out of the star. No problem. Transform the star. Maybe a picture for memory or sharing. Beeswax helps very often. Just Beenius.




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